We invite all believers to give a generous, intentional, regular, and proportional gift of their income to God, through the local church, as a spiritual discipline. Gifts to First Christian support the church, community outreach, and national and international missions.(1corinthians 16:2-3; Corinthians 9:6-7)

There are several ways you can give here at FCC. During both services you can place your gift in the offering plates as they are passed, offering envelopes are located on the back of the chairs.

We also have online giving, click on the box to make a donation.

Contributions can now be debited automatically from your checking or savings account. Our new electronic giving program offers convenience for you. Online giving is a safe and easy way to invest in the ministries of FCC.

Text to give is now available, its a simple, secure way to give using your mobile device. 

Text 1stcc to 73256